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The AOC Oncology consulting team came together in the early 1990s at Aptium Oncology (originally Salick Health Care), a company with a leading network of outpatient cancer centers affiliated with academic and community hospital across the United States.  In its early years, Aptium pioneered the concept of hospital-based oncology care, with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the first to join what would become a network of outpatient cancer centers housed in premier hospitals. Accelerating Aptium’s journey from niche business to a transformational model of care was a team of business and clinical professionals

with deep expertise in program development and strategic planning, as well as a

profound understanding of the complexity and challenges of cancer care in an

evolving market.
The current AOC team was instrumental in the planning, development and manage-

ment of Aptium’s leading cancer programs and led the development

of  the Aptium consulting business from the ground up. When Aptium was sold by its

parent company, AstraZeneca, in 2012, the AOC principals came together to form

what is now AOC Oncology. Today, the AOC principals  bring their business acumen

and expertise to some of the country’s premier cancer centers, developing customized

programs that deliver successful clinical, operational and financial performance.

At AOC Oncology, we have a singular focus: to help you with the operational,business planning and managementof your cancer program so you can focus on what matters most: patient care. Whether you're a large hospital or a small practice, we will work with you to develop a solid foundation and business strategy for your cancer program to give it the best chance for success.  

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