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The future of your cancer program is built upon a thousand small details. As your consulting partners, we bring it all to the table, so you can focus on what

matters most - patient care.

Critical to a successful cancer program is recruiting the right people for the organization.  AOC will review your current staffing model and make recommendations on appropriate staffing ratios for the services offered, desired qualifications for both administrative and clinical staff, and an assessment of the functions and responsibilities necessary to support your program.  We will work with maximize efficiency and throughput by realizing the full potential of your existing staff.

Marketing and Outreach
As the market environment gets increasingly competitive, cancer programs have to find new and creative ways to differentiate their services and stand out as a market leader. We can help assess your market position and develop targeted marketing and promotional strategies to increase community awareness and support program development. With our concept-to-completion capabilities, we can help you develop information-rich and timely materials customized to specific services and/or events.  We can also support development of a physician liaison program that will create awareness within the physician community about your program’s capabilities and services.  

Process Mapping and Reengineering
AOC provides a full spectrum of support, from planning to implementation. We assist clients with developing and implementing process flows that lead to an enhanced patient experience and maximize operational efficiency.  If you are seeking to improve your existing program by eliminating redundancies and improving workflow, AOC can evaluate the full spectrum of processes in your program or practice to identify issues/barriers and redesign workflow for enhanced efficiency and performance. If you are developing a new program and need to establish new operating systems and processes, we can help you establish workflows that will deliver long-term, sustainable success.  AOC delivers data-driven solutions based on industry best practices and customized for your program.

Operations Support

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Interim Management
AOC can put in place an onsite, highly skilled interim team to support program start-up and development and to assist with the recruitment of professional and non-professional staff for your program. We work behind the scenes to help you build a strong market profile for your organization. We can also provide the necessary mentoring and professional development for program personnel to continually enhance service and patient satisfaction.

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